Our Story

In 2008, Lynx Accessories was born in the
heart of Colombia with the sole purpose of
designing and manufacturing accessories
aimed to elevate the contemporary,
authentic and radiant spirit in women.
We have established ourselves in the
Colombian market as a leading company in
the industry of women’s accessories,
offering products with unique designs hand
crafted with the highest standards of quality.
We work different materials to turn them
into jewelry. We blend natural stones,
crystals, pearls, leather and textiles, thus
achieving an innovative approach for a
modern, versatile collection of jewelry
infused with energy and love.











In Lynx, we believe that when you follow your dreams they are destined to come true. If you work hard inspired by love and passion the result is magical!

We believe that jewelry is more than simple adornments they are messages, stories, inspiration, amulets, that celebrate friendship, love, emotions, spirituality and special moments in our lives. We are committed to the development of our country, which is why our team is embodied by women entrepreneurs and single mothers head of household, highly trained, who instill their love in each one of our products.


Lynx supports three foundations in Colombia that transforms the
lives of thousands of children who are in conditions of vulnerability.
SOS Children's villages strengthens families who are at risk and
provides a positive environment for vulnerable children offering
them an opportunity to grow in a family full of love, respect and
safety where they can live and develop as strong individuals.
FUNDAMOR  provides comprehensive care in health, education,
protection and human development to 56 children and adolescents
with HIV/AIDS from all the regions of Colombia.
World Vision Colombia creates projects for the development,
humanitarian assistance and proliferation of social justice in
marginal areas of the country. It has a direct coverage to more than
ninety thousand children in the sponsorship program.